This is Swedish Game Awards

Swedish Game Awards is the largest game development competition in Sweden, targeting students all around the country. It aims stimulate the development of new and original games and inspire students to entrepreneurship and creative thinking, with entries being judged on execution, innovation and market potential. The competition follows the academic year with entry submission and final event in May 2008.

"There are three key elements of a game: gameplay, gameplay and gameplay."
-- Charles Cox, Developer Educator, Microsoft XNA (more advice)

Swedish Game Awards 2008 Winners

The winners of Swedish Game Awards 2008 were announced at the Grand Finale on the 24th of May. Remember that some of of the winners competed in Gamer's Choice and can thus be downloaded using the link in the sidebar on their respective profile pages.

Winner, Game of the Year 2008:


Luleå University of Technology

Motivation: "A game of great depth and style, with polished gameplay and excellent presentation. Successfully combines humour, great visuals and complex game mechanics."

Winner, Best Innovation:

Blueberry Garden

University of Skövde

Motivation: "A brilliant game concept that is executed with precision and presented beautifully. Intertwines graphics, sound and gameplay and evokes the feeling that the game world is truly alive."

Winner, Best Execution:


Blekinge Institute of Technology, School of Future Entertainment

Motivation: "A game with distinct, stylish graphics, well thought-out game mechanics, and solid presentation and control. Gives the player a complete experience."

Winner, Mobile Games with Netbeans 6.0 & JAVA ME:


Stockholms University

Motivation: "A polished and innovative game that stands out with humour and style."

Winner, Gamer's Choice: